Back-lit feature wall artwork

Working with back-lit feature wall specialists Spanlite, we created large-format artwork using a library image of Muhammed Ali, that was then produced as ‘image glass’, ready to be back-lit. The challenge was to maintain image quality when re-sizing the image from its original A3 size, to the final required output size of 4.7m wide.

Large-format image solutions

This was managed by converting the image to a vector half-tone prior to resizing, creating a final image made up of tiny perfect circles, that serve to hide the negative effects normally seen with on photographic images subject to drastic resizing. This is one of many tricks that can be employed to create large-format artwork whilst maintaining high-quality imagery.

These two images of Ali’s eye may look very similar, but one is made using a half-tone pattern. The reason for this is that when viewed up close, at the size on the feature wall, the half-tone pattern hides the pixellated, low-resolution effect of the heavily resized image. See below for full size.

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