Multi-channel, personalised, direct marketing

‘It’s a Mug’s Game’ was a print and digital marketing campaign devised by Inc Direct, designed to entice marketing professionals to use their highly-personalised direct marketing services for their own campaigns. Sizewise Studio created artwork for print and digital publication, including multiple alphabets designed to look like letters cut from newspaper headlines. We also supplied custom Photoshop action scripts to create realistic images of the recipient’s mug displaying their name. This allowed detailed, personalised artwork production to be automated using a database of names.

Recipients of the campaign received an A3-sized ‘ransom note’ in the post with a polaroid picture of their mug, plus a call to action directing them to a personalised web page, viewable across all devices. Highly engaging direct marketing.

Artwork with name field pulled from database.

Artwork added to background mug image.

Photoshop action script renders artwork into image.

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