Photo restoration

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of an old photo that holds special meaning. Family members, perhaps not with us anymore, images of yesteryear, snapshots of past events – these photos evoke a particular feeling as we reminisce – whether fondly or sadly, or both. Old photos are all the more precious as they’re unique, often one-offs – quite different from the ubiquitous selfies and sunsets that fill up our phones. As nice as they are, they don’t compare to a genuine, old family photo.

As is often the case, old photos are passed down the generations, extracted from albums and distributed, or taken from one shoe-box and put into another, then another. Over time they can become dog-eared, damaged, faded, even lost for ever. Of course, there is a way to protect against all that, and more.

Not only can we scan your old photos so that you always have a safe image file to reprint from, or send to relatives; but we can improve the quality of the image, putting new life back into old. See this example, an image of my grandfather. This small photo of him as a young man was given to me many years ago. Sadly it has since faded quite badly. When removed from the frame the photo showed up further imperfections, with damaged edges and a missing corner; and the scan showed further specks and blots across the image. It is now repaired, reprinted and safe for ever.

old photo restoration
photo restoration Brighton

Original scan

photo restoration Shoreham

Colour correction

fix old photos


photo restoration before and after

Before and after

With careful retouching we can add image where there is none, and restore the colours, making for a more complete and whole image, that is capable of being printed as a proper photo print, at a larger than the original and still look superb.

I provide great value, and will assess the costs on a case by case basis. Get in touch and/or email me you photo(s) for a no obligation estimate. Take advantage of this process to protect your precious photos. I look forward to hearing from you.