Image solutions

We offer a wide variety of image solution services, specialising in photography, retouching and large format image preparation. We can assist with everything from small colour-correction jobs to long and complex retouching work. We can also create unique imagery for your project, for instance you may require some bespoke-designed maps or icons for publication across a variety of media, or a selection of images that all need to conform to the same design style. Digital asset management is standard practice, so your work will be supplied in the right format, resolution and data-weight for its application. Contact us for a chat about your specific request.

Large format

This covers the design, preparation and production of any images due to be printed at a substantial size, onto any material. We print large format onto paper, vinyl, card, board, sheet-plastic, wood, metal and even glass. Everyone loves seeing beautiful images covering large spaces, whether in receptions, foyers, homes or outdoors – at exhibitions, conferences and gatherings of all types. With the production capabilities available today it’s possible to produce high quality print on almost any substrate you can think of.

But it’s not quite that simple. A major sticking point for designers producing large-format imagery is the inherent quality of the images in question – how big will it go and still look good? There’s only so far you can stretch an image in Photoshop before it becomes pixellated, and low-resolution print output is an instant turn-off. However, there are some clever tricks to optimise images for large format output, that we can assist with.

retouching large format image solutions
retouching large format image solutions


Product shots, portraits and fashion including magazine photoshoots. Affordable professional photography.


From high-end retouching for advertising campaigns to basic image restoration for your old photos, no retouching challenge is too great for us to assist.